TruSat Test Pilot Training - Shared screen with speaker view
Hi unfortunately have to leave for a meeting. If possible, pls send this deck via email so can go through it later. Thanks!
Brian Israel
Thanks Amit, we’ll circulate the deck and the recording.
futjrn geode
is this going to run over the hour?
futjrn geode
we've been educated on other software
futjrn geode
can we discuss actual trusat software?
Vikash Kodati
this is interesting but I need to drop for a meeting. will look for the recording. thanks.
Jon Zaikowski
I'm in NYC so light pollution is a big issue, how would you recommend I deal with that? Are there particularly bright objects and good times for me to look?
Charles Phillips
A suggested service: an archive of each SeeSat satellite. At Space Track we can get TLEs for selected satellite numbers. SeeSat is just a list of the current TLE. I have a start at that myself but it takes time. ISON has a version of this archive but it could be better.
Brian Israel
@Jon — I’m in DC, which is almost as bad in terms of light pollution. I use Heavens Above to find objects that are both bright and relatively high on the horizon (so my view is not obstructed by buildings or trees)
Vishal Singh
I am Vishal Singh CoFounder and Chief Scientist of Lunargistics. And I found your goals of making SKYMAP online Really Interesting, but are you planning in asteroid tracking? And would you will be bringing the simulation of the prosepective satellites or spacecraft with all the data online, like we have GMAT or ORBITRON softwares?
Logan || CEO || Lunargistics - An Ethereum Product
@vishal, check out https://asterank.com
Charles Phillips
Brian - Houston is also terrible for observation, I am close to many chemical plants. I observe mainly right after cold fronts!
Logan || CEO || Lunargistics - An Ethereum Product
Asterank.com was made by PR and Chris’ team :)
Logan || CEO || Lunargistics - An Ethereum Product
@chris discuss.trusat.org isn’t sending activation link?
Charles Phillips
It would be VERY handy to have observers that are at a very low latitude, for objects like SensorSat. This is a low low inclination object with "low" altitude, few people currently track it.